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How do you split your logs?

If you do a quick search on YouTube for “log splitters” you will be amazed at all the different ways that people have developed to split logs into firewood. Some are mechanical, powered by vehicle axles, electric motors, horses and good old fashioned human sweat. Here are a couple of examples of creative log splitters that we found.

I thought this idea was very cool. The hand-made machine is balanced perfectly and does all the work while the operator just feeds the logs. A variation of this concept is shown below.

For the average homeowner, having such a contraption in the yard may be a bit impractical and might raise the ire of your local homeowners association.  This next invention is also a unique approach to splitting logs. Like the previous examples, this also wouldn’t be an ideal solution for most neighborhood residents.

Although this is a simple solution, it could be quite dangerous and could do a lot of damage to one’s leg or arm if they got caught on that giant screw splitter.  Ouch, that hurts to think about it.

Best log splitter for homeowners

Although there are solutions too numerous to mention, splitting logs into firewood is something that most of us want to do with the least amount of effort. Having a tool that can be stored in a few feet of space in the garage and wheeled to the woodpile when needed is the best solution.

I have been using this model for a couple seasons now and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it works and the size of the logs it can split. The cost is equivalent to what one would pay for 2-3 cords of split firewood (depending upon where you live in the USA). But once you own this log splitter, you can spit the trees that you drop or buy “rounds” for much less than split wood. In my experience, this is the best log splitter for the home.

Log Splitter ATV Sled

Make your log slitter go where the logs are!

Tow your log splitter with an ATV

The Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter is a rugged piece of machinery built from thick solid steel so it is quite heavy.  Even pushing this around on its real wheels can be a chore due to its weight. In my case, my storage building is a good 50 yards from where I store my logs near our home. I wanted to be able to tow my log splitter to where the logs are.

Log Splitter Trailer

I decided to solve two problems; one, create an easy way to transport my splitter around my property and two, elevate it higher off the ground. I wanted the splitter higher off the ground to make it easier to reach the power on/off button located on the underside of the machine.

Electric Log Splitter Power Button


Both of these solutions were focused on making my log splitter more convenient for me to use. As you can see from the photo above, the on/off button is positioned under the machine. This means that while you are splitting wood, you are bent over for extended periods of time as the button must be held in the on position while logs are being split.  If your back bothers you, this can become uncomfortable after a while.

Log Splitter Tow Bar

Log Splitter Tow Bar

The trailer I built was created from scrap lumber I had lying around my shop. The “tow bar” is a piece of steel, which was a worn “scraper bar” from my snow plow.  It was easy to bend & shape after heating the steel with a torch. The tow bar fits on my ATV and is held in place using a long lag bolt and wing nut. Obviously this isn’t a street-worthy solution, but it works great for towing my log splitter from the garage to my log pile.

The Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter is by far the best low-cost, high performance log splitter I have ever used. Last summer I split an entire season’s worth of firewood in a couple evenings. In my opinion there is not a better log splitter for homeowners available at any price.

Log Splitter Video

Does this log splitter really work?

You make the call. This short video shows the WoodEze electric log splitter taking on logs of all diameters and easily splitting them into firewood that will accommodate your wood stove or fireplace.

If you are considering buying a log splitter to use around the home or farm, you will be hard pressed to find a better value than this WoodEze product. I created this video to demonstrate how my WoodEze log splitter tackles my firewood needs and makes short work of it.

Log Splitter Photos

If you have never used an electric log splitter, you are in for a delightful surprise. The most work involved is in lifting your log rounds onto the splitter table and pressing the button. You have two speed options FAST and SLOW. The slow speed is used for extra-large logs. Although the manufacturer makes no claims to the upper limits of the logs you can split, I have split rounds in excess of 12″.

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Best Log Splitter for Homeowners

Split Your Own Firewood and Save

I thought I would begin this blog with some comments about my personal experience regarding firewood.  Our family lives in northwest Montana and we have been heating our home with a woodstove for over a decade. Over the years I’ve tried numerous ways of preparing enough firewood to last through the winter.

Standing dead trees are plentiful in our area so that has never been a problem. A pick-up truck and a chainsaw and a good stand of trees means that anyone can cut enough wood for their needs. If you buy firewood, it is always significantly less expensive to buy “rounds” (logs needing to be split). So, if you cut your own or buy rounds, the hard part is always splitting the logs to a dimension that will accommodate your woodstove or fireplace.

The wrong way to split firewoodFor years I split all my wood using a heavy maul and a wedge. I deluded myself that the exercise was good for me, but that kind of strenuous work performed once or twice each year can do more damage that it’s worth.  If you’re not in great physical shape, swinging a maul and fighting your way through 5-6 cords of firewood is a daunting task.  There had to be a better solution.

Buying a log splitter

I finally decided that with all the money I save not using our furnace, buying a log splitter made sense. Once I convinced myself that this was a good idea, I did what most people do; I drove down to Home Depot and priced their log splitters. As you might imagine, the sticker shock for a gas powered log splitter was a heart-stopper.

I decided to do a little research before I spent all that money and the more I read and talked to people, the more I realized that I didn’t need a gasoline powered log splitter.  I had no intention of towing a log splitter into the woods so the idea of getting an electric log splitter made the most sense. And better still, electric splitters cost half or less than a gasoline splitter. I was sold on that decision.  Then I began researching electric log splitters.

Choosing an electric log splitter

I did what most of us do at such a time, I cruised the Internet reading reviews and watching videos about electric log splitters. There seemed to be 3-4 manufacturers that got all the press and I focused on them. After narrowing down all the pros and cons of different models, I finally chose the Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter.

I chose this model for a number of reasons, but especially because the 7-ton electric model is more powerful than other similar electric firewood splitters.  I have used it to split logs up to 20″ long and up to 12″ in diameter.

Woodeze electric log splitterBest log splitter for the homeowner

I have recommended the Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter to many friends because I couldn’t be happier with it’s performance and ease of use – and the price was 1/3 of what comparable gas models sell for.  If you cut firewood for a living, this probably isn’t your best choice, but if you are a homeowner and need to split wood for your personal use, you can’t do better than the Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter.