Log Splitter ATV Sled

Make your log slitter go where the logs are!

Tow your log splitter with an ATV

The Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter is a rugged piece of machinery built from thick solid steel so it is quite heavy.  Even pushing this around on its real wheels can be a chore due to its weight. In my case, my storage building is a good 50 yards from where I store my logs near our home. I wanted to be able to tow my log splitter to where the logs are.

Log Splitter Trailer

I decided to solve two problems; one, create an easy way to transport my splitter around my property and two, elevate it higher off the ground. I wanted the splitter higher off the ground to make it easier to reach the power on/off button located on the underside of the machine.

Electric Log Splitter Power Button


Both of these solutions were focused on making my log splitter more convenient for me to use. As you can see from the photo above, the on/off button is positioned under the machine. This means that while you are splitting wood, you are bent over for extended periods of time as the button must be held in the on position while logs are being split.  If your back bothers you, this can become uncomfortable after a while.

Log Splitter Tow Bar

Log Splitter Tow Bar

The trailer I built was created from scrap lumber I had lying around my shop. The “tow bar” is a piece of steel, which was a worn “scraper bar” from my snow plow.  It was easy to bend & shape after heating the steel with a torch. The tow bar fits on my ATV and is held in place using a long lag bolt and wing nut. Obviously this isn’t a street-worthy solution, but it works great for towing my log splitter from the garage to my log pile.

The Woodeze 7 ton electric log splitter is by far the best low-cost, high performance log splitter I have ever used. Last summer I split an entire season’s worth of firewood in a couple evenings. In my opinion there is not a better log splitter for homeowners available at any price.

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