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How do you split your logs?

If you do a quick search on YouTube for “log splitters” you will be amazed at all the different ways that people have developed to split logs into firewood. Some are mechanical, powered by vehicle axles, electric motors, horses and good old fashioned human sweat. Here are a couple of examples of creative log splitters that we found.

I thought this idea was very cool. The hand-made machine is balanced perfectly and does all the work while the operator just feeds the logs. A variation of this concept is shown below.

For the average homeowner, having such a contraption in the yard may be a bit impractical and might raise the ire of your local homeowners association.  This next invention is also a unique approach to splitting logs. Like the previous examples, this also wouldn’t be an ideal solution for most neighborhood residents.

Although this is a simple solution, it could be quite dangerous and could do a lot of damage to one’s leg or arm if they got caught on that giant screw splitter.  Ouch, that hurts to think about it.

Best log splitter for homeowners

Although there are solutions too numerous to mention, splitting logs into firewood is something that most of us want to do with the least amount of effort. Having a tool that can be stored in a few feet of space in the garage and wheeled to the woodpile when needed is the best solution.

I have been using this model for a couple seasons now and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it works and the size of the logs it can split. The cost is equivalent to what one would pay for 2-3 cords of split firewood (depending upon where you live in the USA). But once you own this log splitter, you can spit the trees that you drop or buy “rounds” for much less than split wood. In my experience, this is the best log splitter for the home.

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