Best Log Splitter for Home Owners

Most of us don’t need a gas-powered log splitter, although that is usually the first consideration. If you think about it, few of us will actually tow a log splitter into the woods. Typically we cut down a tree and slice it into “rounds” that are cut to length andtossed into the bed of our pickup truck. We then haul them home to split into manageable sizes to accommodate our woodstove or fireplace. At home we have access to electricity so a gas log splitter is overkill. The best place to split your firewood conveniently is where you stack it…at home!

WoodEze Electric Log Splitter

I highly recommend the Woodeze electric log splitter because I own one and use it to split firewood for our woodstove. We heat our home with our woodstove and I couldn’t be more impressed with the performance and ease of use of the WoodEze Electric Log Splitter.

Woodeze 7-Ton Electric Wood Splitter for Home Owners

Electric log splitter for home useI used to split all my firewood by hand using a heavy maul and a wedge when needed. For years I deluded myself into thinking this was great exercise and that I did not need a mechanical log splitter.

In addition to getting older and out of shape (especially after the winter months), I knew it was time to consider a log splitter.

My initial thought was that I should buy a gas powered model…I’m not sure why I believed that, but it is where I began my search for a log splitter that would work for me.

After countless hours of online research and speaking with a few friends who were familiar with these tools, my focus began to narrow and I realized that an electric log splitter would best serve my needs.

The choices were many and the pricing was all over the field, but one company always seemed to rise to the top and that was WoodEze. I bought one and used it to split over six cords of firewood this past summer. I’m a believer!

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